I had a great experience with Tara.  She is an energetic ball of organization who got my office organized and aesthetically pleasing.  She listens, comes prepared and helps you get to your goals. She also did some great research for me on where I could donate/sell some stuff.  If you need to clean up your office, get your bookcases organized, straighten up your kitchen then Aunt Tootsie is the one for you!”

Alan F.

Studio City, CA.

Tara not only organized the space, but gave me so many practical applications for maintaining it…I cannot tell you how happy I am with our new found, organized [craft room]…Life after Tara is so much easier.”

Karen C.

Muttontown, NY

I’m learning new routines and changing habits, so put me down as a success story!”

Edith R.

Los Angeles, CA

I was going nowhere with writing last year until Toots gave me a tip to set a timer for 15 minutes every day, and then not feel guilty if I didn’t work for any longer than that. It worked well for me, got me motivated when I felt exhausted because 15 minutes wasn’t a daunting amount of time…”

Brian O.

Manhattan, NY

This is great! I love it! I just want to keep going into every room until we’re done.” 

Jodie J.

Calabasas, CA

Working with Toots changed how I think about every room and what I keep in it. She seriously changed my life.” 

Dina C.

Los Angeles, CA

The spaces we’re creating are addictive, and so I keep the surface clear…and then I clear more!”

Iris B.

Los Angeles, CA

I feel like I lost 15 pounds today, everything seems so much lighter.” 

Caroline C.

Cold Spring Harbor, NY

…When it got hot (4 months later), I wondered where we put my remote. I thought ‘where will I use it?’ Sure enough, it was in the console next to the air conditioner. This kid knows her stuff!” 

Gina M.

Syosset, NY

…And we loved Tara! What an inspiration! She has the best smile and enthusiasm for what she loves (organizing)!"


Sherman Oaks, CA

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